about our Webinars

What's Required?

The only requirements are 1) a pc or mobile device with Internet access and 2) a telephone or mic and speakers. We email you a link that you click on to join the webinar. Our webinars are instructor led; therefore, you watch and listen on your pc or mobile device as the instructor teaches you to use each feature included in the webinar decscription. You can ask questions at anytime during the presentation.

Quick Reference Guides

You will receive a laminated quick reference guide with step by step instructions to minimize note taking.

Click the illustration to the right to view a sample quick reference guide.

One on One Webinars

We cater to the software training needs of busy managers and executives conveniently providing one on one training in a private setting. Together, we focus on the applications and features that are specific to you and your current projects.

You can schedule your priviate session on site or as a webinar. Contact us at educators@roadrunner.com or at 440.967.9368.

Productivity Points

Review our Productivity Points to learn quick tips and shortcuts.