productivity points

1Double Space

In Word, press [Ctrl]+[A] then press [Ctrl]+[2] to double space an entire document in two keystrokes.

2Create a Chart

In Excel, select a range then press [F11] to create the default chart on a separate worksheet in two simple steps.

3Go to a Slide

In PowerPoint, navigate directly to a slide in Slide Show View. Type the slide number and press [Enter].

4Create a ToDo

In Outlook, press the [Insert] key to flag the current message for follow up and create a ToDo item.

5Rerrange Bullets/Numbers

In Word or PowerPoint, rearrange bullets with a simple keystroke. Click on the bullet item and press [Alt] + [Shift] + [↓] or [Alt] + [Shift] + [↑].

6Select a Column

In Excel, click on the first cell in a column and press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [↓] to select data from the current cell to the last cell in the column.


7Capture Attention

In PowerPoint Slide Show view, press [B] or [W] to capture the attention of your audience. The screen turns black or white. Press [B] or [W] again to display the slide.

8Wrap Text

In Excel, type the first line of your heading and press [Alt] + [Enter]. Type the second line and press [Enter].